Voltage stabilizer

What do you guys think about them? I’ve had the feeling that some sort of management needs to happen for proper voltage. I’m not talking about using an upgraded ignition system but a cleaner more efficient existing system because most of us dont run high comp or forced induction anyway.

I put in a voltage stablizer and it helped in some respects:

  1. Music quality improved
  2. Shifting improved (auto trans)
  3. Fuel economy may have increase, but I have a lead foot.
  4. Instrument lights are bright all the time instead when the alternator gets up to speed.

I bought one of them cheapy cool looking voltage stablizers, but all you really need is a capasitor. You can get one at an electronics store or wait till a computer or electronics festivals/flea markets. There you could pick one up for about $5 max, though I bought a few 3 of them for $5. They can be used for a number of things but my team uses them for engine and sub woofers.

Thanks man. Its nice to know I’m not the only one who has one now. I bought one about the same time i first made this post and did experience the same improvements. I do have an auto as well with every bolt on i could get my hands on. I always felt the electrical system was way underpowered with no way to improve. I don’t have a big stereo just an in dash and 4 speakers and with lots of mods and the atx I’m running out of electrical power at times. After looking it over i saw yeah all I did need was a capacitor but I hope since this thing is of an interesting size and demension that it does have some sort of brain with it. Maybe I’ll add a capacitor too now. Thanks for the advice.

What you want to do it locate it between the positive terminal of the battery and the “main” body ground. That is located right in front of the driver, above the firewall. You can’t miss it.

What you are doing is creating a parallel circuit. The capacitor will discharge when it the voltage drops because it will always want to remain constant. And if there is a surge of voltage heading back to the battery, it will absorb any excess power that might reduce the life of the battery. That is why the negative end is attached at the “main” body grounding point instead of the negative terminal on the battery.

If you have subwoofers in the trunk you want to put a capacitor in parallel with the amp. So splice a spot into the powered line, and run the negative lead from the capacitor to the body ground (where ever you grounded the amp). This will greatly increase the sound quality.

You can pickup some capacitors at a HAM fest or Computer show for cheap prices. I got 3 for $5 one time. So save your money and get some from them. They will have the Wattage printed on the side of the capacitors.

Hey what size of capacitor did you get. Voltage size and how many microFarads

I got a 1 farad capacitor for my system. Powering 1000w amp/1 sub and 560w amp/4 speakers. I also did the ground wiring kit, found the plans back when the old site was up. It cost me under $15 to do and now my lights stay brighter at stops, and my idle has improved.

I’ve done the ground wire kit also. I used to have an Accel ignition coil till it burned up :frowning: . Happened because my stupid altenator went. Was rough times. However, I’m looking into this capacitor thing. The 1 farad cap you’re talking about. Is this one of those car audio caps for amps that usually cost between 50-100 bucks???

Yea, I got mine for $57 on sale at Jammin’ Car Audio in Chambersburg Pa. I got it at the same time that I bought my speakers, sub, and head unit. I now have to look into a alarm b/c someone (neighbors) took about 1/8 of a tank at two times. I know its not much ($5 of gas) but still, I dont know how they got it out. Damn teenagers ( im 17 haha). But yea, idk if I want to spend few more hundred on alarm. Im paying compensations on my insurance if case my stereo gets stolen.

I’m trying to figure out how to put a small amount of current on the body of the vehicle so that it acts like an electric fence. If they get a little shock each time they touch it, maybe they won’t try to steal from you.

Back in the day when there were coil packs that use to discharge when people created a connection. So I know it can be done. Why the hell not, right? If they are trying to steal from you, then serves them right to get shocked. It doesn’t have to be a lot, just enough to be irritating. But an alarm is a good idea. I saw some really good ones on Ebay.

Siphoning gas is easy. You just need a container to hold it and a cut of length of garden hose. Stick said garden hose into tank. Put mouth ver hose and suck. Spit out any gas that gets into your mouth, and place outside end of hose into container. Noticve I said easy, not fun.

Yea I know how to siphon stuff but where you put the gas nozzle in, there is a metal flange there that has spring tension. I’ve had to put “lawn mower” gas in my car, haha, once. I had to use a screw driver to push the flange over and then pore the gas in. Wasnt that easy.

Some of the keys to siphoning gas:

  1. Chose your target vehicle. If the car looks expensive, more likely to have a full tank.
  2. Make sure the source (gas tank) is higher than the destination (gas can).
  3. Make sure you have a good diversion for the guy in the car. Hot girl works best.
  4. Don’t get caught.
  5. Don’t hit the same car twice.

looks like we have a few experts here! I think you found those thiefs Yellow! lol!

Yea, haha, well I got hit twice total now. It sucks, just over 1/4 tank taken. My parents and I have talked and we think we are going to buy a mini security camera w/ night vision. Just going to install it in a hidden location near the car. Once we get footage of someone messing w/ my car, we are going to put a note behind the door for the gas tank that reads, “HAHA, ur F**D”

Then I’m going to get a alarm system. Any recomendations???

Hey Mirror, you fogot the most important one… Do Not Swallow!

Damn, Pip. Is that why I get sick each time I do it? lol

Yellow, I’m not sure how good of an alarm it is, but the car alarm RadioStar seems good. You can find one on Ebay for a reasonable price.

It has Turbo settings and roll up your window settings. Lots of others. I was looking at buying one myself. The company that sells them is in Toronto and would install it at a reduced fee (I would think).

Might be something to look into, Yellow.