Voltage Drop.....

Just wondering if anyone had any ideas, I’m out of 'em.

When I’m stopped, engine running, and warmed up to normal, my voltage drops from 14 volts all the way down to 11, sometimes even 10 volts. Feels like the car is going to stall out on me. It’s only when I press the brake pedal, but it’s annoyed me. My vacuum pressure stays the same, around 25 in hg, but the volts drop instantly every time I hold the brake pedal. It’s not loaded, meaning no rear defrost, stereo off. My battery load tests ok. Any ideas would help! :?

Maybe its not grounded properly, or the alt.

The alternator’s new last year, putting out normal volts with the engine idling. I have a grounding kit on it, 2- gauge wires for all. Should have mentioned those things, sorry. Thanks for the idea, though.

try a new big +12v wire ran from the battery to the Alternater

Could still be the alternator. I installed a new one that nuked my Optima Yellow Top. My CTA’s finish has been messed up now because of it. But I now have a new battery AND alternator. (no extra cost)

  • Darron

I went through 2 alternators in an 18 month span. Killed 3 starters during that same time.

Well, I changed the wires for my alternator, positive as well as the ground (both 4 gauge), put my new battery terminals on, and the problem is still there. I ordered a new alternator today. The one that’s in the car now is still under the one year warranty, so that works out. I’m guessing that my Optima battery (red top) is close to toast now, too. Hopefully I can get a new one under warranty. It’s only a year old. Here’s hoping this works… Thanks, Guys. :smiley:

ooh, dichotomy!!

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