VIS Racing Sports Products CF Hoods/Trunk and MORE!

VIS Has been making products for our cars for a long time now. They make very good quality products and at a good price. Example: I got my CF Hood for like $240 and that was more than a year ago.

They Make CF Hoods, Trunk… Many a while ago thought there werent any CF Trunks made for our cars. I guess no one has ever ran into this site. I find it very surprising that not many people are buying from them because they make pretty much anything for our cars. You can probably even set up group buys, or if you want to take the time to negotiate give them a call!!! They are well known in California; hell nation wide… If you think their products are expensive, just give them a call or go through a VIS Racing Distributor.

Check it out:

Body Kits:

CF Hoods:

CF Trunks:

Universal Parts:

Misc Parts:]


Um Jeff, have you contacted them yet… about a year or two ago Vis had some trunks made but when they arived they were off specifiacation. So they sent them all back. I dont know if it ever got straitend out, but it would be a good idea to ensure that these trunks are in stock before you run around the net getting peoples hopes up.

As of April 5 2007 they finished the final product. Check the link its updated. =)

I’m glad there is a CF trunk, but the universal stuff stinks… LoL Too much body work for that stuff. CF hoods look much better.