Video of my car..... not posted cause im an idiot!

well… I have a video made of my car and I. However, you will all have to wait to see the video because I did something really stupid with the camera and broke it. lol.

I didnt have the right AC adapter and I think I fried the “DC in” port on the camera it self. Worst part is… it wasnt my camera. I have to wait for JVC to call me so I can talk to them about the problem, probably have to send it out to a service factory. This could take a long time to get fixed.

Just know that I have a video and You will be seeing it if I can get the camera fixed or another VHSC camera! lol

jeez im idiot… lol!


lol Holy crap that stinks! But it’s kinda funny too… This is great! We now have…3 people with footage that can’t get it online? lol Go us!!!

  • Darron

What a trend… :roll:
Oh well we do what we can do

Yeah, and that sucks about the camera deal to.

i feel proud to be one of those 3

Then I guess we should chalk that up as four…

I know this all took place a while ago…but I’m kinda curious how things have come, Mark. And it’s down to three. Mine are up. :slight_smile:

  • Darron

waiting for my father to pick up the camera from his friend. I dont know how this happened, but the tray that holds the tape in somehow got mangled. strange cause it wasnt before it was sent out to be looked out. I have to make sure he gets the tape also.

after that I have to find a VHSC player or adapter for my VCR so I can rip the tape to my computer.

Im starting to think it would just easier to buy a camcorder and re-record. I would do it on my cell phone, but you wouldn’t get to see my car, just hear it.

If you all want that let me know.

That’d be cool…but quality would bite and not do the car justice. I’m patient…just thought I’d ask. :slight_smile:

  • Darron

What kind of tape is it? If its a Hi8, and you keep having problems, you could just mail it to me or another person and have them do it. If its one of the really small tapes (even compared to Hi8) I can still pull the vid b/c my friend has a camera like that.

the tape was a VHS-C tape. sorta the inbetween VHS and DVC tape. Still waiting to get the camera back as well as the tape… However!!!

Today i purchased a brand new camcorder. tomorrow i plan on spending some time with me and my camera and my car.

It’s about freakin’ time!! :x Lol! Just kidding!! :lol: Can’t wait to finally see it.