Very Important anouncement about zx2ms

Dear users and members of zx2ms.

We are making a lot of changes to the site as you can see. I am the type of person that feels that all members to deserve to know what we are doing and where we are going.

In the past we’ve had vendors (who are not official sponsors) listed so that our users have aftermarket vendors to tell us about their products and do group buys.

We have not, until this point, went above and beyond this simply because of the amount of involvement related to getting a site licensed, etc.

At this time, we have sent a request to ford through their lawfirm that handles their trademark information and requests. We have requested that they look us over and ensure that we have covered our bases and see what exactly we need to do on our part to ensure that should we decide to venture further into our site and allow sponsors, actual promotions from companies and find ways to make things more available and ready for you that we have gone through the proper procedures to do so. We have gone forth and have done this and are waiting to hear from them at this time.

This is a very exciting thing for us to be able to tell you about. We may have to wait a few to hear from Ford because at this time they are quite busy but they have been very hospitable in replying to us and very kind and timely in responding to us thus far.

We will keep you updated and greatly appreciate the support from the community, this is what we are all about, the community, the user, YOU!

Awesome! Can’t wait to hear back!

Nice write up bud. Glad to see it coming together.


I’m happy to announce to all of our community members that Ford has approved of our licensing and we are currently wrapping up and pending on the final contract from them. It has been a long process but well worth the wait. We will provide details to the community once they are available.

I will be recategorizing the forums tonight so that there is less clutter and to ensure that things are easier to navigate.

We will be making the design of the forums to match the site to make it easier on the eyes and going over things to make sure that everything is set in stone to go.

Thank you everyone for your continued support. I know almost all of you have been here for a very long time. We wanted to make sure that we did things the right way and put our best foot forward. We are very happy that this has been possible and look forward to the new future of ZX2MS.

Derek this is awesome news! Anything I can do to help let me know!

Wow sweet! I agree, anything you need help with let me know!

wow this sounds good. keep us updated.

Ladies and Gentleman. Got the official letter today regarding our official approval. We got all of our guidelines, logo approvals and everything we could possibly need. We are 100% good to go.

If Ford is reading this:

I would like to greatly thank Ford for taking to the time to approve us and our club, assist and recognize the effort put forth. We are huge Ford fans here and are VERY excited about this. We appreciate the fact that Ford has gone out of their way for us in a time in the economy when things have been a struggle. It seems they have done their best and are putting a very strong foot forward. Thanks for never forgetting the little guy :slight_smile:

For the members of ZX2MS:

Thank you for your contributions and interest in the club. YOU ARE THE REASON we even put our foot forward to do it! We are very excited about this, there will be many good things to come. Chris has started work on a gallery for all members which should be completed soon. This means you will have your own little space on our site to post up your cars. We will be submitting news on the site to keep you up to date with Ford. And we will at some point be doing a car of the month or member of the month.

We hope the ride so far has been a fun one. We look forward to continuing the trip down this awesome road.

Thank you everyone :slight_smile:

Uh oh. Galleries? :sigh: I need to go sand the rust off of my car and get some spraypaint…

Better get’r’done! :lol:

Again thank you Ford for being one of the best car manufacturers and supporting us and taking the time to look at us. I can’t wait to see what comes out of this site…Derek your the man.

Awsome !! Can’t Wait to hear the result :mrgreen: