Vertical doors

Anyone know of a cheap place for vertical doors for a 2000 zx2?? yea its cliche… but how many people do you know that have em?? just one more thing to make me and my car hotter… :twisted: :oops: :smiley:

Cheap is somewhere around $2000(for quality)…hence few people with them.

  • Darron

actually i can get em here for 600

Installed? Finished and done RIGHT?

Too many issues with vertical door mods, the different sets that are used with hydraulics and springs and mounts wear out over time and are a real pain in the ass. For $600 you can get a wings west kit off ebay painted (if you have sources for paint) and shipped and install it yourself and it’s way better looking IMO.

ya to get verticle doors to work right w/ no probs your talking 2000$ to 2200$

The price of a good working kit vs a good install and a reputably nice door life outweighs doing the mod in my opinion $2000 can EASILY be spent on some very nice mods. Hell even $600 can be spent on better mods.

^^^ Especially with the saved weight from the kit not being there. :slight_smile:

  • Darron

i really just like them because no one has them. I want to be unique… which im doing already because my car is basically one of a kind here… there are probably a total of 5 zx2s in texarkana. none of which are being modified like mine.

I gaurantee if you spent that $1500-2000 on mods and a wings west kit on that ZX2 people will drool.

It’s your car and up to you. From what I can read here on your posts on this forum you like to street race, and I suppose that’s your thing. You seem to want something inbetween show and go, to each their own and that’s fine. But there is also going to have to be a line to draw for your car, the line is the point of customization and the point of performance.

It is VERY hard to balance customization, stereo equipment, exterior mods, “luxury” mods, things like that without adding tons of weight and then doing performance mods. Usually if you balance the two you stay the same because your horsepower to weight ratio is doing nothing but staying the same or close to it and you come out with very little gain. Around here we call those ricers, kids who took a honda and modified it to add 50hp and then added 500lbs of stereo equipment, lcds, rediculous mods that weigh a ton and wonder why it doesn’t go fast. Not saying you are a ricer at all, i’m simply saying if you do a FEW pretty mods to make it look nice and work with what you have these cars can be absolutely gorgeous and fast at the same time without compromising for weight and such.

In other words, new paint, a body kit (weighs maybe 20lbs max on a wings west, they’re tiny kits and don’t replace the body, it adds to it), new wheels (which you could easily do ultralights and shave some weight off that pretty car of yours) and then some hp mods and you’ll definitely have a ZX2 worth drooling over.

You can do the vertical doors and do a lot of mods but in adding that weight you won’t be going as fast for long and will have to do even MORE mods to compensate for added weight.

I would just like to point out that last July when I was up in WI for the All Ford Round-Up, the three other cars in my class (2 foci and a cougar) all had the Lambo door kits and people actually gave me their votes because I didn’t have all sorts of money piled into look nice goodies. Granted, I have some, but most of my prettiness is also functional (springs, rims/tires, and decals most of all :wink: ) So they may not be so common around your area, but if you were to start entering in shows, you’ll start to find them as more “common.”

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thanks… i have changed my direction…

Good! :slight_smile:

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P.S. Case in point of previous post:

I’m not a fan of Lambo doors on cars with the window frames.

everytime i open a car door that does have window frames i end up hitting myself with the door, since i’m used to our frameless windows

I really think they’re over-rated really, cool yes, and yes they’ll catch the eye because it’s something you don’t see often but it isn’t like one of those “Ahhhhhhhh” glorious glowing in the clouds moments, it’s more of a “Eh, neat. Now back to what I was doing.” sort of things.

hey dont say nthin bad about a z with lambos :twisted: mine do i love them women around me when i drove it though it was HOT even though it was in primer. i did mine took 3 hours together. dont know if they are done “right” but they open and shut like stock and had no prob with them.