Vendor Reliability?

I would prefer to support the vendors of this site, rather than just buying from eBay. The thing is, what’s it take to be a vendor? Are the vendors quality assured by the people who run, or do they just pay up some cash and they get a spot here?

The vendors we showcase are just companys that I am in contact with. The pay no money to So really anyone can be a vendor. The forums are just so we can have some communication between members and the companys.

also, how long do you think they would be listed here if any member on this board got screwed by them?

We try to address any issues with vendors as soon as they arise. This does not neccessarily mean immediate removal. We will look into the issue and if it does not get resolved we discuss what needs to be done (removal, ban or other). If there is an issue with a vendor please let your administration know ASAP.

As Ironmark said we TRY to help resolve any issues as quickly as possible. With that being said we have helped resolve some probs that members have had.