various Zx2 and some SR parts


Well as you all know by my post in the Dear Diary section my SR was totalled last month… So i’m starting to fix up my 00 red SR to drive as i need a car and i don’t feel like driving a Sunfire. So im going to part out everything i can so i can get my red one finished and painted…

I will add to the list as i go and find that i don’t need items…

First item of business is my Charcoal Leather Steering Wheel w/o cruise…50.00

Second is my power moon roof assembly, and all the controls, harnesses and roofliner. (this is an OE sunroof not a aftermarket replacement. 75.00 the roof liner is in my garage so it doesnt get damaged…

I also have a Black leather steering wheel w/ cruise. 50.00

I have a good Zinc Yellow front and rear bumper, trunk lid, hood and factory spoiler. 75.00 each

I have a Medium Graphite or Grey passenger side air bag. 55.00

Visteon Radiator that was only in the car for a few months…50.00

3 ATX computers 98 year 20 each

2 sets of Eagle Rods asking 250.00 per set NIB

1 set of Sealed Power Main Bearings 25.00 STD NIB
1 Set of Sealed Power Rod Bearings 25.00 STD NIB

Felpro Head Gasket Set 145.00 NIB
Felpro Conversion/ Lower Gasket Set 35.00 NIB

JE 10.5:1 Piston and Ring Set 400.00 NIB

Reconditioned Crank with bearings 100.00

Weapon R cool Air intake 50.00

Reconditioned Focus Head with valves no cams 100.00

Reconditioned ZX2 Head with valves no cams 100.00

I also have just about any body panel, including trunk lids without bolt holes bumpers and etc…

what city/state are you in?

im in PA, near altoona

shucks - i was hoping for someplace closer to make shipping body parts easier and cost effective.


I know that this post is a little old but do you have an s/r ecu for sale?

Front bumper have any scratches or anything with it? And what would shipping be? 30253

i’ve got a ngp0 s/r ecu for sale, as well as a borla s/r muffler, 150mph cluster, all 4 tokicos and eibach springs, rear disc brake setup with cables and spindles, and the b&m shifter in housing with urethane stabilizer bushing.

prices on the ecu and cluster?^

ecu - 200
cluster - 150

ecu sold, just waiting for payment to arrive.

man I was wanting a spare:/
I’d really like to find a jhj0 but about that…