I have been looking into getting a high flow head for my ZX-2. So I looked into a port and polish job done here where I live (Washington). one of the problems I have found is needing valves. If I get valves through the shop I pay a mark up on the valves. So I looked into the
ZX-3 valves intake and exhaust will work in the ZX-2. The guy I talked to at Ford Racing (Steve) had no idea if it was possable, but he is looking into it. Hes should be back with me today and I will get back with everyone at that time with the status. If anyone has a idea about larger valves for the ZX-2 let me know.

the vavles will swap over its one of the few things that swap over between both heads

You could purchase some new and oversized valves form

Steve from Ford Racing said that the valves will fit. But the Valve seat will need to be replaced with a larger seat. He told me that he did alot of research on it, and he is 100% sure. So if anyone wants to do it talk to your local machine shop about the job. Just a heads up…

I TOLD U IT WOULD IF HAD THEM 4 years now sry 4 yelling

Ya well I always do my homework before I start to spend any money? But thank you for the heads up Roush. What kind of horsepower did you get out of it? I am looking to build a 200 Whp import killer. I want to go all N/A with the engine, but I dont really know what I will do with the engine once i get to 200 WHP.

The OS Stainless Steel valves fit , after having the Stock Seats Re-Ground . The valves are Only 1MM larger then stock , so you don’t have to replace the seat’s , just have them re-ground to fit the valves . Have all the valves Hand lapped , it gives a perfect seal .

The valves are lighter and stronger the stock , stand up to high heat . You can use the stock valves , have them cut-back and polished , gives about the same flow . The valves work there best with a ported head , the stock is to restrictive .

If you use different spring’s , you can go with Crower / Titanium retainers or the FR Stock style Bee-Hive performance springs’ an retainers. The stock style spring’s an retainers are the same weight , mainly because of the retainer size , it’s smaller the the Crower . The Bee-Hive spring has a little more pressure and stability .

Thanks for the heads up, but I think I am going to go with the Ford Racing. When I talked to my machine shop, I was told that Ford puts out a very good set of valves. So even if it is more expensive to go with the Ford valves then thats what I am going to do.

OS makes a good product and theres not much work to get them working right not that Ford racine’s arent as good or better. To get 200hp n/a you’ll have to get a PnP head work done and johnp is about the best in the buisness as far as i’ve seen and heard. and i dont have 1 of his heads mine was done locally to me. before i even heard of him also look into NOS it will make your goal more abtainable

The OverSize valves are by Ford Racing , they are the best valves out there . There are valves by Ferrea that are almost as good ,but they cost a lot more .

Yeah that what my machine shop told me. I don’t mind spending a little money here and there, but I don’t want to throw money away.

I put the Ford Raving valves on order last night. I got them through Jegs. Jegs pays shipping but the valves will not be in for like 3 weeks. I will get back with everyone about the cost on the rest of the parts and labor. I did find a extra head from a wreching yard for 150 w/ shipping. That way I dont have to wait for the work to get done on the head and be without a car…

actually the OS valves from ferral are 3mm on the intake and 2mm on the exhaust…

I talked to someone a while back that said the Ferral Valves were not as good as the Ford Raceing Valves…

Acutally ford racing valves are made by ferral, i know this from working at a ford authorized SVO dealer…