Valve covers

I am sure someone has already posted this info somewhere however I couldnt find it using the search function.

What other fords had the 98 valve cover with the plug wire cover. I am thinking of doing a polished vavle cover but there arent alot of ZX2’s up here in vancouver BC similarly there arent alot of them in the junk yards.

I only found one 98 ZX2 in a junk yard so far and it was the victim of an engine fire that melted the valve cover.

What other models should I be looking for ? Would a contour or a cougar have what I am looking for?

To my knowledge the 98, and 99 pre-conversion is the only engines that got them. are you just looking for the plastic cover, or an aluminium one? the hole cover???

Looking for both the valve cover and the spark plug cover. Going to polish the valve cover. They dont have any logos or anything on them so the polish job should easy. Then going to paint the spark plug cover. Want it to look something like this but metalic blue instead of red.

I thought that the 98 contours might have the same valve cover.

That does look nice.

Exactly my thought. Looks slick, subtle, not overly flashy and its inexpensive if you do the metal polishing yourself(lots and lots of sanding). I just need to find a valve cover in a yard.

Like I said - I think a 98 contour might have the spark plug cover but im not sure. Anyone know of any other year-models that have the spark plug cover?

Tommy, you should send Roushzx2 a PM. He has access to a bunch of covers from his local JY.

I believe Roushzx2 also said that he has a guy who could do this for you too.

THe 96 to 98 contours had the valve cover with the spark plug cover. the one pictured above is off a Contour. Those little plastic pieces on the plug cover are for thr throttle cable. The power coater i know can do a high Gloss silver not crome. It will look simular and the guy does a Class A job. Just search power coating it will show up.

look on ebay and search on zetec. ive seen some on there.

Silver is an attractive thought. Powder coating would mean I wouldnt need to be regularly removing the oxidation. I am definetely interested. What kind of cost are we talking about?

I would want both the valve cover and the spark plug cover. Granted the spark plug cover wouldnt need to be powder coated.