valve cover

Installed my valve cover painted by ultramac2003 today, fresh oil change and my damnit pnp throttle body…

let me know what you think…sorry for the crappy camera phone pics

Heh, your signature has a pic that we can compare the look now, to what it was before. Looks very nice.

lloks good, i have a lot of aluminum valve covers that im going to powdercoat too

Looks amazing. Good job.

  • Darron

thanks guys :smiley:

You think about taking the timing belt cover off again and painting it to match everything else?

  • Darron

that crossed my mind…i’ll have to think about it

Leave the timing belt cover black and get a black oil cap too. Too much of one color is bad.

Thats a pretty blue my friend :slight_smile:

That looks fantastic! I love how alot is blue under the hood.


wow, looks great…

where can I find on line a performance TB for my Z?

we have 70mm throttle bodies…

good, prices please…

I think the 70mm TB is $399.00…could be mistaken though!

Hey where did you get the grill?

made it…

OIC What did you use? And how did you attach it? Is it attached to the stock plastic or does it replace the stock plastic. Ive got an 03 as it well and think that an actual metal grill would look much nicer on it.

i used just simple gutterguard from home depot and cut out the shape and attached it to the stock plastic grill using bailing wire. I also painted it using a chrome spray paint after about a year of it being on there…bailing wire has rusted but not the grill…looks good. I also used vht night shades to tint the inner turn signals so you can’t see them unless they’re lit up


  • Darron