V6 Mustangs are the shit!

No really, they are the SHIT!

So I’m going around some twisties on my little Ninja 250 having some fun, in an out of the corners just kind of here and there the bike is still in breakin so I won’t go above 6000rpms. Before I knew it this idiot in a mustang is riding my ass, we finally get out of the twisties and onto a straight, he started to pass me, gets side by side and he grins at me, i’m like “WTF? no way…” i dropped it into 4th, and NAILED IT, finally after a few seconds i was in 6th gear pulling his ass hardcore, we were heading into another bunch of twisties, 40mph corners, and I was almost dragging a knee into it doing nearly 80mph, pulled him VERY hard through the corners and we got back out to another straight and he wanted to go AGAIN! I dropped it down again and pulled him up to about 100mph when i noticed him very slowly gaining a few inches and a few inches, he was barely able to keep up. I was nearly at 14,000rpms so I let off the throttle because I was at 500 miles on the bike and didn’t want to fuck up the breakin period, I let him pass with his (OH WAIT WHAT IS THIS) SINGLE EXHAUST mustang, he had a v6! I was laughing so hard, let him pass with his mustang’s tail between it’s legs. I wanted to find him and tell him he just got beat by 26hp, I was laughing SO HARD! I couldn’t help myself, but it makes me want even more bike now. I guess I’ll be doign K&N pod filters and muzzy exhaust soon because I’m going to do a 15T sprocket and get more speed out of this little sucker, it got up and went! Never would have expected it out of a 250!

lol, thats great. Ugh, yea, thats only 2x as much HP as my lawn mower. LOL, but yea, 14,000rpm and you didnt want to mess up the break in period.

Yeah it saw it for maybe 3 seconds, the bike can run at 12k for long extended periods of time i doubt i did any damage, that’s also why i backed off :frowning: i felt bad. but it’s at about 500 miles now so i think it’ll be fine it’s about 80% seated and broke in.

arent you supposed to run it at different speeds during the break in period anyway?

should have raced him on my 600… too bad shes in a coma getting repaired.

I raced a V6 Mustang Sunday night in my Z. Whooped his @$$! It was on a 50mph road and he just got spanked! Ask Tigress…he…got…owned. :slight_smile:

  • Darron

That’s why I never bought a v6 mustang and don’t race my 4cyl mustang and am dropping a built 302 into it :wink: either that or i’m going to save the 302 for my fastback we want someday and will turbocharge the 2.3l.

Either way, he got his ass handed to him by a 250 with 26hp :slight_smile: