Urban Ninja

We finally have videos of KoiHoshi. He has eluded officials and has terrified civilians anytime his has crossed their paths. If you see him, please don’t panic and call your local officials.

Urban Ninja
Urban Ninja II

***This really isn’t KoiHoshi, but please enjoy the videos.

LMFAO i knew you guys would catch me when I was off work… damn ya got me! :stuck_out_tongue:

seriously though that is some funny stuff!

:lol: The end of the second video reminded me of the original Ninja Gaiden on Nintendo.

That is just 31 flavors of awesomeness.

the guy knows how to hide pretty well, he can also move… But I’m thinking it’s either Karate or Tae Kwan Do. Or a shite load of old Wutang movies and Video games. ether way that first one was bad ass.

Did I mention that myself and family are pirates?

My stepdaughter.

And I have more from that pirate themed b-day party with Melinda’s outfit. What was kinda creepy is how despite those plastic toy swords are curved so the kids can’t really hurt themselves, they all soon figured out that by holding them backwards, the pointy end could be used to stab.

lol! Looked like you had fun at the party!

It was a blast. :smiley: