updated pics of the car

i got some pics after i cleaned all the sand out of her from my recent loss of grip at the worst possible time. check it out. if you are on fuelempire you can rate my car…i’ll post a few teaser pics, but i have much more in my “garage” on there.





When posting pics, right click the picture, select properties and copy the “address URL” and put that between the “img” k?

  • Foo

Looks good!

  • Darron

Nice!! I like the carbon fiber hood.


looks good :wink:

I like it. I’m gonna be getting an invader hood this summer. How hard are they to install?

Thats a sharp looking car, very nice!

I’ve been considering a CF hood and ridding the stripes, painting the hood to match the paint and having a sleeper sorta look for autocross and the like. But I’m still wondering on doing that because I’ve grown to my car.

One thing I do want to know is that on those invader hoods do they cause issues with snow/ice/water?

install is real easy…and as for the vent hole…i had it in on in alaska for a year and a half, and now in florida for half a year, and no issues at all. the town i lived in alaska got some snow, and about 130" of rain a year, it rained almost every day, and still it didn’t harm the engine. after driving around though, you put your hand over the hole, and you feel the heat just pouring out! its in just the right spot to vent the radiator and header. its cool in the winter too, when the snow melts on the hood and goes into the little hole, you see steam come up from the engine bay every red light :lol:

lmao! sounds cool… so based off of the actual positioning and fabrication of the hood is it feasable to fabricate a cover underneath the hood to keep that hole closed and open at will? or does it seem too oddly fabricated, i’d really like to get one, it sounds like it would be a nice help for cooling.

i’ve seen people with functional hood scoops make foam inserts to put on in winter. or you could put mesh grille on the opening like me, then have a peice of sheet metal or plastic that would fasten to it.

thats a good idea… hmmm i may have to consider an invader hood and paint it red, hehehe.

do they make it in fiberglass? it would be cheaper and paintable. or, you could do what i’ve seen at a few shows, but not often…paint a candy coat of red over the c/f hood…it’ll look red, but up close you’ll be able to see the c/f weave through the candy coat. its pure sex!

Hmmm that might look pretty cool actually…