University of Phoenix Online

Just wanted to see if anyone here is going to UOP online. I just started courses towards my bachelors of science in Information Technology!! woho!!

2 years and 27000$ later…

nope i go to tech school around where i live for motorcycle tech and mechanics

I’m going for my I.T. certifications at a local college. My brother and sister both took classes from there though.

  • Darron

i’ve been thinking of doing something like that…since i can’t attend classes when i’m out on a boat half the time. problem is, there’s 2 things i’d want to do for a living…what i do now (only not on boats or in the military) like residential construction electrician…or pharmacy. both of those don’t have online courses. the electrician thing does sort of. but it won’t help me become a journeyman…which is what i’m going for.

I’m done with schooling. I got my BS in Computer Information Systems (networking).

I would have had it already, but i ran into financial problems a few years back, and had to quite going to school to work. Since im doing pretty good financially now, I figured it was time to get back to school. That and I dont want to work where I do the rest of my life.

i get up at 4:30 am im at work by 6 ( it takes about an hour to drive to the job site ) work till 2 go home and go to class 7pm-12am it sucks

I don’t go to school right now. I just work full time. Between the hours that I work and planning the wedding I am quite busy. Plus I am not able to get decent financial aid since I still live with my parents. They go mostly off your parents income if you still live at home and you are under 25. I do hope to attend school though after foos and I get married.


I’m a full time student now, in my third year going for a BS in Natural Science, then applying to several chiropractic schools

where you live doesnt matter as long as you have two bills that are in your name. I still live at home, under 25, and Fafsa doesnt need to know nothing. lol! But it is still expensive all the same.

nodnarb85, when you get your license ill have to make a visit to your office!!

nodnarb85, when you get your license ill have to make a visit to your office!!

sounds like a plan…

I too live with my parnets, but since i have a credit card, 2 bank accounts and all the utilities at my apartment at school in my nmae i get a good amount of fafsa money.

Well it seems like it matters anyway…I was told by someone that I would probably be able to get better financial aid when I move out of my parents. Whether or not they had any idea what they were talking about I don’t know.
I do have a few credit cards and some other things that I pay. I also have really good credit…I am not too worried about it though. Not sure what I really want to do anyway. I figure this way I will have time to decide what I really want to do before I jump into anything.


The only way that you living with your parents will hurt you is for getting grants (free money). Even if you move out, they will still calculate using your parents income for several years. I completed my BAS in Technical Project Management at ITT Tech about a year ago and the bill is just under $50K on campus. From what I am told, online courses are even more expensive. Good luck and don’t quite once you start.

Thanks:) Quitting would definetly not be an option…I just need to decide what I want to do first…