Under drive and overdrive pulley belt

I plan on getting the under drive pulley and the overdrive pulley from zxtuner.com and I was wondering if the belt that you bu with the underdrive pulley can be used with both pulleys.

I believe so. The tensioner will pick up any loose slack, but do you really need the Overdrive pulley? Are you running a lot of equipment like: subs, amps, radar detectors (a lot at once is what I mean)? You may not need the Overdrive pulley.

Because I’m only 90% sure about the belt, I would recommend you start a topic in the Vendor>Zxtuner area and ask Rob. He will tell you with 100% certainty.

Rob mentioned that I might see a drain on my systems when at idle and recomended the ODP. You can order either a UDP or a ODP with a properly sized belt. I’m due for a belt change anyway, so I got it.

Well I do have 2 10 inch subs and all the factory speakers have been replace with aftrmarket ones I also have tweeters and a 250 watt amp. I havent noticed any dimming in the headlights but I thought that the ODP would be kind of a preventie thing. ODPs dont add anyhorsepower do they? I didnt thin they did, but wasnt sure.

From what mirror told me it if anything, detracts a bit of HP. But not too much. You say though that you haven’t noticed a drain? I might not install mine then, though I’m assuming it isn’t that difficult to install compared to a UDP.

Guess Ill hold off on the ODP. save the money for something else. UDP will be next. WOOT!

It will take you about 45 minutes to install the UDP. Most of it will be shaving the UDP guard.

The UDP doesn’t cause a drain. When sitting at idle, the alternator won’t spin as much as when the car is under load (moving). So the dash does dim a little, but as soon as you press the accelerator, they brighten back up like usual. How often do you check your speedometer while at a stoplight?

You will be fine without an ODP. I’m running the normal accessories and lights plus a 500W AMP and 2x10 400W Subs. No problem.

Darth, have I steered you wrong yet? Trust me. The UDP is a good mod.

I’m not doubting! You’ve proved yourself more than a few times over. :smiley:


Agreed - the UDP is a good mod

<<< loves his UDP.