Uhhhhh, HELP?!

OK so i go to leave the house today, and as im driving i feel the power steering go, and i think, my car just stalled. But it turns out the car was still running fine, but the battery light is on, no power steering and the heat wasnt working either. Its been raining the last couple days here, i dont kno if that would have anything to do with it, but i have no clue what the heck the problem might be. Any input would be greatly appreciated

uh, sounds like the acc drive belt broke, look is the belt there? I wouldnt drive it if the battery light is on that means it isnt charging. so its gonna leave ya somewhere

I agree with that diagnosis.

  • Darron

Have someone check the charge on your alternator. That’s what happened to my Probe. The further he drove it to try and make it home, the more it drained the battery. The lights quit working, the power windows quit working, the power steering went out, etc. Could be what it is.

Another good suggestion.

  • Darron

OK well ive only gotten a chance to LOOK at the engine bay because i am either working or there is a damn Typhoon outside, but on the left side i can see a belt that is off of whatever it should be on. I would assume that that is the serpentine belt correct? It doesnt appear to be broken, so it is possible that it just slipped off? Or should i just go and get a new one. If i have to replace it is it easy enough to do myself, or should i have a professional do it? I know theres alot of ?'s in there but if someone could answer i would be extremely grateful. Thanks guys!


Well, if the belt isn’t ripped or stretched/warped. You could put it back on yourself. All you need is socket wrench to move the tensioner.

If it comes off again, one of two things are wrong: (1) the belt is bad and needs to be replaced or (2) one of the pulleys isn’t in alignment, allowing the belt to slip off.

If it’s number (2) you might want to seek professional help if you don’t feel you can do it yourself.

It should take you less than 30 min to do and I suggest getting a new belt. Same thing happened with the 9 days of rain here. Just bought a new one and don’t have to worry about it slipping off.

yea, I have to replace mine also, its showing cracks in the teeth.

OK well thank you so much for all the help guys. I will be purchasing the belt tomorrow morning and hopefully having it on by lunch. In the process ive found this site that was very helpful in both tutorial and a diagram of the belt itself.


Its not just for cars, but it was extremely helpful, i just typed zx2 serpentine belt in google and this site came up and had a few posts about it, and i found a tutorial and a diagram to help me out, just figured id let you guys know in case the same happens. Thanks again for all the help!

Yeah, it’s cake. You may want/need to buy a tensioner tool for it. I couldn’t get any of my ratchets on it 'cause it’s so tight, but that was before I was taught a trick (on my g-pa’s belt) that you can fit a 3/4" ratchet into a hole on the pulley arm. May be able to try that too.

  • Darron

ok so ive got the belt and even rented the tensioner, BUT THE GOD DAMN BELT WONT GO ON! I dont kno if maybe the fucker gave me the wrong one or what, but it was the same length as the other one, it just wont fit over the last damn one :evil:

…Pull harder… lol It’ll go on, you just gotta work the tensioner and the belt at the same time. Pull the tensioner to give slack on the belt then slip it over the last pulley and let go the tensioner. Make sure once you get it on that you crank the car over once or twice to make sure the fitment is right. If it’s not it’ll slip off on ya again.

  • Darron

OK update. I was at my wits end last post, and already late for work. I didnt have the right bit to fit the extender for the tensioner bar, but i figured out how to get more leverage and the belt slipped on like a glove. LOL hours spent trying to f**k with it, and all it took was the right kind of wrench to finegle it. Thanks for the help everyone, and i am happy to say my Z is up and running again!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

YAY! Good job! Doesn’t it feel great to accomplish something on your own? I know I love my small victories like that. :slight_smile:

  • Darron

hell yeah it does, i was dancin around all day, it feels great to accomplish something that a mechanic would have raped me for im sure.