UDP installes and proud of it

Ok, so my old belt started squeeling sometime early december, or late november, I cant remember, so I ask my girlfriend to buy me an UDP and belt for Christmas. I felt like this seemed to be a good idea since I needed a new belt and hey, why not add an UDP to gain a few more horses while Im down there. So I finally got it around Dec. 24. I was so excited and couldnt wait to install it. Just one problem either the weather was bad, I was too busy, or I just didnt feel like it; something always came up delaying me from installing the pulley. So finally thusday night as Im driving home, I turn on my roadand my power steering goes out, I look at my gauges and see my battery light is on, and my water temp was above the mid point. I got kind of worried but knew I could ease it home since I was about 2 mins away. I rolled up my windows and turned off my system. (as if that would help) and I actually noticed a little bit of my power sterring came back, and my water temp was back to the middle. So I feathered it home. By this point the belts were squeeling horribly. So the next morning I make it a point that I will install the UD, so I call a buddy and we started around 12:45, It took about an hour trying to get the stock pulley off, around 3 we finally have everything set up and the belt on, we start the car up and the belt slips off. So we try loosening it then tightening it, but to no avail. Finlly my frined gets pissed and pulls the idler pulley off and then puts it back on, and the bet still continued to slip off of it. So we gave up and he gae me a ride to work. I had the car towed to a shp this morning and it turns out something was wrong with the bearings on the harmonic idler pulley. This roblem probably happened when the belt slipped off of the idler pulley on my way home b?c my friend was able to pull a peice of the belt out from behind it when he pulled the pulley off. Long story short I spent $65 for the tow, and $44.71 for the bearing repair. Not too bad seeing as how I had nothing better to do. But I wish I had changed the pulley sooner. Things wouldnt have been so bad. The moral of this story is not to procrastinate.

PS: I wonder if anybody will read this far let aloe understand my ramblings? :wink:

sorry i procrastinated half way through the story! lol

yeah never put off what you can do today!


Procrastination is like Masturbation. Everything is ok for a while but in the end you are just f-ing yourself.

Wow, that was funny I cant stop laughing! :smiley: