Turn Signals

I use amber cause there is no mistake

I use Amber because they don’t need to be change in my opinion.

I use amber cause its the law?

I lover fresh amber bulbs… if i were that last man on earth my signal would still flash(made it a good habit) :smiley:


Plus have you SEEN how much the clear ones cost? Thats a chunk of $ that could go elsewhere.

stock amber, however I have thought of doing the clear conversion but ill still use an amber bulb.

clear corners, lovely amber bulbs

Ditto to both Chris and Mark.

  • Darron

I would like to have my front corners cleared out with amber light bulbs that don’t give the “egg yolk” look. Is there a tutorial or DIY that shows how to clear out the corners? I want clear corners, but can’t use the ones sold at zxtuner.com because it is black housed, and I don’t want black housing.

Also, does anyone have the bulb ID/Size number for the inner turn signals? I’d like to make those white lights instead of the amber.

just take out your headlights, stick them in the oven at about 250 and bake them, gently pry apart the glue that holds the lens to the headlight housing, take out the amber reflector, silicone the lens back in place, wrap it with tape overnight and all is good to go.

Alternative method. Take out headlight, shatter the amber lens with a screwdriver, pick out all the pieces.

I like that plan!

Yeah, it is the easier method. I took mine and baked them cause I figued I’d just do the headlight lens clean up (getting rid of fog and scratches), and paint the “eyelid” (bumpy part that runs between headlight and outer signal) while I had them out. It really isn’t that difficult to bake them, you just have to be patient and not force things.

Okay, I’m going to try this. How long do I bake them for?

Me too, espicaly since I have my wrecked 02 that I can take its lights from in case it doesn’t come out right.

There isn’t a set recipie for baking the headlights. Just put one at a time on a cookie sheet and take them out carefully (don’t burn yourself), place your screwdriver between the lens and the casing and slowly break the seal. Just make sure you don’t melt the housing and don’t force the “breaking” of the seal, it will take a fair bit of your time to complete the removal, but if you have patience it will work out nicely for you. When I did mine I baked for 10 min, did a bit, 10 min bake, did a bit, and repeated several times before it was done.

Okay, I have the headlights out… but before I stick them in the oven, I looked over them a bit. It seems that the corners are going to be “black” even if I take out the amber lights. Is there a way I can get them to be shiny like the main part of the headlight? Here’s a link to a thread of some pictures of a guy’s (droptoutzx2) car from teamzx2.com: http://www.teamzx2.com/index.php/topic,18511.0.html

After scrolling past the women, there are pics of the car by itself where you can see the shiny corners. How would I go about getting it like those?

You shouldn’t have to do anything other than clean it up. But I don’t know, I haven’t done it.

  • Darron

That’s how mine look and I did nothing but take the amber lens out as I stated

Okay, so those of you who have the inner turn-signal/parking lights that light up the same color as the headlights, please link me to the product you purchased. Every 3457 light I find says it lights up in amber…

Example: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/3457AST- … enameZWD1V