A friend of mine from MyZX2 had his car totaled.know he is selling his turbo kit he was building. If interested please fallow link.


Thank you,

will all this stuff work together? im very interested

He is a great guy, and he was very close to be completed. I also have some turbo here seance I quit my turbo project. Let me know if your still looking for turbo stuff, I can give you a great price on what i got.

i going turbo for sure… but i need time to make a lil more cash so im not COMPLETELY broke after i buy my stuff… what do you have?

I have this sweet T3/15G turbo. has a build in blow off valve and waiste gate. rebuild from a very reputable dealer here in town. 500obo, and I have an sparco intercooler for 225obo. below is a link to all of my toys.