Turbo ZX2

For those that have gone to a turbo setup, I had a few questions about the MAF. I want to use a Cobra MAF, but am wondering about the wiring. Can I use the sensor and wiring from the Cobra or is the connector different? Or could I use the actual sensor from my ZX2, and use the MAF housing from the Cobra? Thanks.

You would use the cobra maf and have to splice in the wires. If you have a later gen like a 99.5 and up. You would have to replace the IAT some were in the intake piping and splice the 4 wires from the cobra maf to the wires on the zx2 harness.

Any ideas about how to replace the IAT?

You would have to buy a IAT sensor and then take the wires and extend them to put in the charge pipe kind of were it is right now but after the maf.

actually taking it one step further.

I see you have a pcm from a S/R which is a 6 wire.

your best bet would be to go out and buy an IAT from a lightning that way you can screw it into your charge pipe and do the splices.

Your absolute best bet would be to go with a newer style “Slot” maf and buy an adapter. That way you can safely go with a blow through setup.

A blow through setup can be achieved with a “regular” (our style) maf but are not the best for it. With our style the best bet is to go with a “suck through” and either recirculate the air from the BOV or get yourself a BOV like the SSQV which does not leak at idle. If you decide to go this route (suck through non recirculated) you will have a bit harder time doing the tuning but it can be done.

Another option is to use your stock maf along with a Diablosport MAFia which will extend the range of the stock maf (this is the route I’m going with for now).

I know that’s a ton of info and it might be confusing. If you need clarification feel free to contact me either here, on aim ZZZX2 or msn messenger or email armiger_dvg@hotmail.com