Turbo Tune

Dose anyone out there have a tune they could send me for turbo 30lb injectors mta5 4 wire maf?!

please it would be very much appreciated!

i thought i read somthing about somone making them too
it would be nice if i could get some help! :] [thumbup]

A mail order tune should never go on an engine with forced induction.

Besides that… how would you be putting said tune on your mta5??

why cant i tune an mta5 with xcal?

You can tune it with an x cal.

Sry you never mentioned you had one.

Again though. A mail order tune for a turbo setup is a very dangerous way to go.

You can have two cars with the identical turbo and due to manifold design, piping mafs and other things be very different in how they perform. I’m not saying it won’t work, just that it’s much better to invest your time on a dyno and have a specific tune made for your setup.

I elected to go with the PRP from SCT and I tune my own, but use a Wide Band A/F gauge along with many datalogs to tune my car.

A dyno tune for any car is the 100% best way to go. Dyno tune with turbo setups, generic setups. Hell you won’t see me change anything on my bikes without testing it and have it dyno’d first. Having things properly measured and checked is the best way to not only get the best performance but the best reliability out of any modification. Every engine is different, every setup is different, every part is different, even if the part numbers are identical nothing is 100% perfectly the same :wink:

Gotta love modular manufacturing… grab a part from this bin and that bin and hope it goes together smoothly.

okay! thanks guys

im gunna go to this tuning shop by my house its like 150 an hr hopefully it wont take to long :open_mouth:

i just switched over to e85 today too and runin smoooooth!

Getting it tuned on a dyno and done properly you will be extremely satisfied with the results :slight_smile:

im workin on it haha i got the bov wastegate injectors 80mm maf intercooler all the piping the turbo the lines the sct now just a tune and svt fuel pump anything esle anyone can think of?

ps. i know i need a tranny :roll:

What shop?

prolly db or full blown

You could go a couple of ways on the maf.

Either the way you are with using the 80mm “suck through” in which case you should recirculate unless you’re using a SSQV BOV.

You could use a stock maf with a MAFia unit same applies as above.

Or you could go with a blow through setup using an adapter flange in use with a tonsil style or better yet a card style maf.

yea i gota bov

Both places don’t know how to tune for zetec’s. Map doesn’t DB none of them. If you really want a good tune I would go to a different state and I am not joking either. How do I know this…since I am all buddy’s with them all. More map than anything. But they all work with each other and hang out.

so then where should i go?