turbo exhaust manifolds.....

Well how many opitions we got on this??

Who builds them?

How much?

Where can i get it?


The best sorce seems to be Ebay. But you or a professional can make your own. It just all depends on if you want to run an internal wastegate or an external.

JGS Sells a good manifold. It’s a log type and i’m pretty sure its like $230-$250.

dropdatscort on TeamZX2 makes them I believe for $250 + shipping. He welds as a full time job and I believe is certafied also. His welds and work look A+ and professional like they should.

well im looking in to a ford focus header made by obx and making it into a turbo exhaust manifold. or buy a turbo exhaust manifold from neukin but its 700$

As far as I know, dropdasscort makes them, jgstool (log). No one makes any good damn turbo manifolds, Tom use to, he no longer does (focus-power.com) I guess I got the last one hell ever make.
If you run a small ass IHI turbo, Most peeps juts use the STOCK Ford Focus exhaust manifold, and redrill new holes. I once made an OBX Focus header a turbo manifold, what UI did was similar to Kickers, cut the flange off, welded a pipe, then welded a t3 flange, have to be carefull how long the pipe is, or it WILL hit the Motor mount down there, and u wont be able to get a pipe on the intake side of turbo if ur doing suck through maf set up.

I swear, like 50 of u zx2 peeps need to get Fullrace, Peakboost or someone to make manifolds for ur cars. I run Peakboost kit on my honda, its damn good quality!

It would be nice, but I dont think theres enough of the ZX2 population that either has the resources to make something like this happen or the interest.

Personally, I’m not planning on attempting anything boost until I’m done paying off my car (another 2 years at most) and I have a car I can beat on daily. By that time my car will be 5-6 years past its prime.

I gave up on the zx2 a long time ago…broke another trans and just gave up. Now im pimpin an s3 rx7 GSL-SE…ROTARY PWR!!!

Last video I saw of a rotary the engine blew and the hood flew off.

Best rotary video ever.

As for turbo manifolds, I will be using my stock mani, and from that I am making a pipe to go over to where the battery/ccrm is. I am making a bracket to mount the turbo to there, and then I won’t be trying to squeeze it down where everyone else is.