Trying to Maximize HP

I have a Twilight Blue 2001 Ford Escort ZX2, it’s fully loaded even has leather interior ;D other than a 6 Disc CD changer n a Sunroof. I want to get the most HP out of it n a lil extra MPG would be good too. I want to get to 105 MPH as quick as possible, since it’s governer kicks in @ that speed n I haver seen any bypass systems that doesn’t have a negative reaction so I won’t be trying to go faster than that. I will be attempting some weight reduction Wednesday suggestions are welcomed but interior has to stay intact, anything else though can go or be swapped for a lighter item, I plan to do a few of the “free HP” postings I’ve seen on here, here’s some more info on car, it currently has 126,500+ on an auto trans getting it flushed in 3 weeks @ Jiffy Lube along w/ an MSD coil pack, it has a K&N air filter n E-3 plugs n Mobil1 0W-20 in it w/ a K&N oil filter, getting it’s injectors cleaned @ Jiffy-Lube in 1 week as well a set of MSD plug wires I use BP 89 Octane, I’ve researched the 2000 ZX2 S/R 8) n I plan to use some of those ideas, but I like the 03 frontend any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated, thanks and have a great day.

Your best bet is LXQ1 ecu, upgraded intake the documented good ones are zxtuner top flow and roush style, iceman if you can find them, or overkill engineering, mandrel exhaust systems for catback, and the svtf exhaust manifold.