Tryin to find out which zx2 I got....

Befor I found this forum I was under the impresion that there were 2 models of zx2, the hot and cold pakage, but I am seeing alot of other models named here, not sure which I have. It was sold under the hot package, auto, sunroof, large stock muffler, spoiler, premium sound, 15 inch rims. I checked out the engine and found that it is a 2.0 and on the top of the engine is VCT. Is that the vetec or some other engine? How does the engine I have compare to the others? On the dash and stearing wheel is the emblem SRS. What does that stand for? One of the models? It also says sport on the back. It is a 99, wife had bought it brand new and has changed nothing since I started driving it after I bought here a 2005 pontiac grand am se v6. Any imput would be greatly apreciated. THX! :?

The hot and cold packages were just two variations of the base model ZX2. The hot package being the one with the most accessories. The cold being the package with the least.

The S/R was a Hot package ZX2 that was released for 2 years only. 1999 in california, 2000 the rest of the country. Only a couple thousand were produced. Benefits of the S/R package were sports suspension, short shifter, iceman intake and a few other things to add performance. S/R’s were also only manuals.

SRS is the Safety Restraint System, nothing special there unless you involved in an accident. Then you get to see how SRS works. Its not fun.

Vtech and Zetec are not the same. Vtech is Hondas version of variable cam timing. This is electronically controlled on both the intake and exhaust cams. The Zetec is oil pressure controlled on the exhaust cam. They are both Variable Cam Timing, but different in their operations.

As far as comparisson, you have an economy engine. nothing really to compare, nothing special about it.

Not quite Mark. Here is video on how the VTEC engine works. Notice that when the VTEC is engaged, both open at the same time with a taller and long lobe.

On the ZETEC, it is electronically with a solenoid by changing the CAM timing on the exhaust gear by retarding or advancing it.

Thanks Nick, thats what I get for listening to my friends that drive sh*tvics.

As far as the Zetec, isnt the solenoid controlled by the oil pressure? I know it changes the timing on the exhaust CAM gear. I remember reading the oil pressure part in previous posts. Might have been on the old site or even somewhere else.

Sorry for posting the wrong info.

It’s no big deal, but you got me 2nd guessing myself on the Zetec VCT. I’ll have to check into that.

The non California S/R’s computer was more tuned for performance with the VCT which controlled NOx (Nitrates of Oxygen) gas emissions, which only California cares about. All but the 2000 S/R’s (non-california) calibratons advanced the exhaust cam to reduce these emissions and thus reducing usable power at high rpm. We all have california approved calibrations if its not the 2000 S/R (non-california). Our VCT gets rid of the EGR valve which reduces the same NOx gas as mentioned before.

see, even us old timers have things to learn or to correct…

I think I messed up what I was trying to say earlier… its the non california emission calibration which retarded the exhaust cam using the VCT (which would allow the cylinder to expand the gas during the combustion stage for a longer period), and advacing it would reduce NOx (by letting the combusted gasses to leave early during the powerstroke stage to prevent high temperatures in the chamber). I think thats right… maybe I shouldn’t drink so much and maybe I’ll remember. :?