true coilover suspension system

We at jayco are building a fully adjustable true coilover siuspension system with adjustable damping struts… should be ready with in the month…

I saw the pics on your site. Whats the price?

actually that on the site is a coilover coversion kit, what we are doing is a full coilover not a kit on a strut a rear coilover, with an adjustable dampening and adjustable ride height for up to a four inch drop. also custom spring rates as in more load capacity for those of you that want a six cylinder but dont want the spings to sag…Jeri

Any more info on these?

what info do you need…

around how much are they going to cost?

Starting at 1500.00 for a coilover set up it will allow you to use larger rims and such since the large oem spring seat hinders rim and tire width…and with the removal of the lower spring seat added clearence will alow the use of much larger and wider rims…

OMG, a ZX2 with 22 inchers.


leave it up to you to think of it…


This is a good start, but now you need to take this one step farther. You need to make it on the fly dampening adjustable. that would be bad ass.

Aaaahhh! You mean like tose TEIN coilovers with the EDFC (electronic damping force controller). That would be badass.

hmm 16x10 rims?..hmmmm

:-D Never thought of that.

so these are ready?

My question for Jayco is how wide can you go with these coilevers? Is it possible to fit an 18x81/2 rim or is that asking too much?

ill get some measurements and get back to you

okay you said these would be ready in a month… that was in september… do you have them now?

well heres the Specs on the coil overs for those of you that wanted them.

Adjustable range of 1.4 to 2.9 inches drop

300Lb Front Springs

500Lb Rear Springs

anything else you need let me know

So does that mean that you have them all set to ship out if someone were ready to order them?

(I’m not trying to sound pushy 'cause there’s no way I’d be able to afford them anytime soon anyway. Just want clarification for Scort Ched)

  • Darron