Transmission 5 speed

Yep I am sure you have all heard the story before. I am here lookign for pricing for what it woudl run for a new or used working trans for my dads zx2. I don’t have much time dealing with this car, I spend most of my time playing wiht my 99 cougar. I will be doing the swap myself so I just need one that is working forsure, I will not be a happy person if I get the thing swaped and someone sold me a shit transmission. If you have something let me knwo price and location I am in michigan.

If you look in the vender forum “jayco automotive” has brand new transmissions or built trannys. So that’s a guaranteed working trans, maybe not the cheapest, but you’ll know it will work.

  • Darron

Thanx, after a little further searching I decided I may as well just rebuild the thing so I knwo it is good and not mess with buying another transmission.

if you want a tranny we are the source