trans swap

i am lookin for axles to do a ford xecape trans swap in my 2000 zx2 if anyome nos were i can get a set peez let me now.

I’m pretty sure you’ll need custom axles made

so i would have to get a fab shop to do it

i can do it - i have a few custome shafts i made prior to closing my axle business. i use jdm spec mazda axles and custom center bars - takes 4 axles and the 2 bars to make - i can make a set for 600.00


dam man dats more then the trans itself wat if u use jurk tard parts and do u stand b hide your work

there are no junkyard parts that can work without some sort of half wit engineering that will be less strong than if you used a stock trans…

well i think i am goin to look for somein cleser thanks thou