trans swaos

het guys i askt a few weeks ago about puting a ford xzcape trans in my 2000 zx2. a guy tood me that the ownlee thing i would need to do it was axles is this true and is it all i need.

the guy was me i believe - yep gotta make a set of custom axles otherwise all bolts up with the exception of a couple bolt holes on the bottom of the trans (not a big deal). Make sure the trans is from a 2001-2003 Escape with the zetec motor and 2wd…


any reason why you wanna do this swap?

typically the reason for going to an escape trans is the bulletproof closed diff carrier with 4 spider gears, the 4.59:1 final drive, and the closer ratios.

my original s/r got one of these in it with a .72:1 5th gear set added - i’m able to run 225/50-15 tires and still have plenty of off the line grunt, as well as having 4th gear tach out around 105mph (great for 4th gear acceleration through the 1/4 mile traps)


my 98 trans with a helical lsd will do all the tranny duty I’ll need

so did you install a mazdaspeed lsd? what method did you use for attaching the speed sensor gear?


Nope, I’ve not gotten around to installing it in my spare tranny yet but its one of the first MFactory units. No modification necessary :twisted:

were can i get the axles at that is wat i dont no

I can supply if needed