Trailblazer Owned

Okay…yes, I know it’s an SUV, but them I-6’s are MEAN! Here’s what happened…I’m on my way to pick up my finace from work so I turn onto a 50mph road heading towards downtown. (It’s practically a highway, with lights few and pretty far between and no entrance/exit without a light) And I know to time the light I have to go about 40, so I’m sittin’ there in the far left lane (of three) and the Trailblazer’s behind me. He didn’t like me going ten under, so he moves over and as he passes I glare over (sunglasses concealed death look) and sure enough, the punk moves back over in front of me taking away my 1st position and freedom to clear the light.

TB gets stopped at the light and I’m still going, but I had to slow down because of him (I was able to put it into first is how much I had to brake). So as soon as it turns green I lay on the horn a bit and once it’s clear of the other car, I cut over and gun it (Before we’re through the intersection) and I just walk away up to 70 then slow it back down to 50 to time the next light, and of course he passes me again.

At the next light he gets stopped again and I had it timed pretty well so I blew by him again…and again until he had to turn to get on the expressway while I went straight for downtown. It was good to beat him with brawn and brain. 8)

  • Darron

those 4.6s i belive thats what a trailblazer has are torquey(250)but run out of breath after 70mph only 190bhp and 4300lbs

my mistake those are spec for a blazer… damn good kill