Traction bars

I was wondering, would you guys be interested in a set of traction bars for your ZX2’s?

what would this entail? would it be streetable?

yes they would be streetable. Look at the Mazdaspeed 3 one we have on our site.

Looks like an interesting piece. Except, I doubt ZX2 owners are willing to dump a lot of money in something that has never been offered to us before.

that’s what I’m thinking. $330 is a ton to a cheapass zx2 owner, they’d be cool but I doubt there’s a market for one of those as opposed to something like this: … ge2219.htm

really? these would be easy to make!

330 is kinda of steep on them. What is the ball park on these. Some of us have money but with tough times wont shell it out if there isn’t a good deal.

I know I’d be interested, probably a good number of the showcar guys would like one as well

$330 is the retail. I would give the members of thise forum the GB price of $275

Awesome, I would need to find a local ZX2 in San Diego for the dimensons. I would go on TeamZX2, but you all know about that story.

So anyone hee interested?

I would be interested even though i have a second gen, i can’t find the link to the one you were trying to show us. Would u mind posting one up. All i see is your home page.