Track meet

Anyone interested in meeting at Barber Motor Speedway or the Talladega road course? Maybe Memphis Motorsports Park or Road Atlanta? VIR?

Driven Barber in anger twice. LOVE IT.

When I come home in May, well try and set something up. Good?

Depending on when you want to go… I’m down. Especialy if you dont mind me bringing a couple of friends with me.

i wouldn’t mind hitting up road atlanta

I am Jelous… besides willow springs and a baby road corse in Hi, I have never seen a real track.

well where are you located at?

now I am at Ft Campbell Ky/ Clarksville Tn

that’s kind of a long drive

were you located in the world

Atlanta, or just south of it

you live down by Mac, I’ll be down there sooner or later. I have to tune my Z when the turbo is done.

yeah i live like 20 minutes from mac… you coming to meet up on the 3rd?

3rd of what… April? No road trips till the MUTT is ready to be walked. But when you see him, ask about my last trip there… :smiley:

no it’s alot sooner than that it’s the third of feb.

I was joking, I have no way of getting there buy then

dude you need to come down when you get the turbo done… i’m probably putting one in this summer, but i’ll be in sc from may till august

a friend of mine is selling all his turbo stuff for cheap… never used, his car was turbo’ed before all parts were there and able to go on.

dude i’m so broke now it’s not even funny… woo hoo college kids!