Today was a shitty day.

Today was far the worst day in a long time. Cosmo (My pet Cockatiel) died early this morning, she died of a respiratory infection. I woke up at 5:00am cause my mom said somthin was wrong with her. She was at the bottom of the cage just sitting there. I don’t understand it. She was perfectly fine yesterday but somthing happened. I took her to the emergency vet clinich where she died a couple hours later. I don’t know what to do now cause her sister Daisy(My other pet Cockatiel) is lonely and not eating much… I dont know how many of you had a pet die that you cared alot about but it sucks. Especialy when you have had a pet for 7years or more. It sucks and I feel like shit. May be stupid but t does suck. Well I am out and hopefuly tomorrow will be a better day. Peace…

Sorry man…that really sucks. At least you didn’t have to watch her suffer over a long period of time. Maybe you should take the other one for a checkup in case it’s catching.

Before she died she was on anti-biotics for a month… I guess she just finaly gave up. Took both to the vet a week ago and she was fine and the vet said it wasn’t contagious.

im sorry to hear about your loss chris. Try to give your other bird as much attention as possible. I dont know much about cockatiels, but I used to have parakeets, and when one died the other soon followed because of the sudden seperation.

Hang in there bud! some of these things we cant change.


Dude, that bites. Hopefully the other one makes it through. Hope your days get better from here.

  • Darron

Sorry about your loss. :frowning: I know that it can be hard to lose a pet. Hope things get better for ya.