What kinda tires do you have on your Z? I need to buy some new ones for my 17" rims but I am not sure which ones to get. I have a budget of $300 a tire if needed. I usually just get Toyo Proxes SA1 or somthing like that which run $130 a tire. Any suggestions?

Size suggestion: 215/35R17 or wider. 205s fit, but don’t look good.

stick w/ the toyo proxes

Yeah right now I am running 205/40ZR17

I like my Nitto Neo-Gen’s 205/40R17, but if you get those and put 'er in the show this year I’ll have to kick you. :wink: But seriously, they’re pretty sticky both wet and dry.

  • Darron

HAHA :stuck_out_tongue: lol
Anyways I think I might just stick with the Toyos. Hey Foo did you install that shifter yet?


Kumho Ecsta Supra 712s in 195/55/R15.

Fuzion ZRi’s if your ready to snap axles and break differentials like I do, those are the best gripping tires I’ve ever seen. They usually go for about $90 a tire or less, but also depends on the size. I got mine when they first came out and I got a great deal on thier first releases, $210 for 4 P205/50R16’s

if you are going with 17’s go to sam’s and get tires from them 300 for a set


my tires were fairly cheap. they are kind of hard though and don’t grip as well as i’d like…they do have a 500 treadwear rating though. they’ve lasted me a LONG time now (over 2 years…that’s a long time the way i drive, my nankang HR-II’s lasted me 3 months at most).

yea i want somthin that wont grip but will with cornors >.<