tire manufacturer

I am planning on upgrading my wheels and tires to a 17x7 rim with 205/40-17 tires. I was wondering what tire company for the ZX2. :?

what one do you want to use?

I was thinking about using toyo’s proxes 4 all season performance tire.

honestly if your buying 17x7 rims, keep your stockers for winter usage and get a decent all season sport touring tire for them. I recommend Yokohama Avid TRZs.

Maybe someone else can jump in with a performance tire recommendation for the 17x7 rims.

Trust me on this…get 215s

why 215’s???

The 205s don’t fit the rim quite right. There is a gap between the rim and the sidewall of the tire. I have 205s on my rims right now, but I’m going to use them until I need new ones. The next time they will be 215s.

I bought Rims and Tires as a package deal. And at the time I didn’t know what I know now; what I’m telling you to do.

What kind of rims are they?

I love my Nitto Neo-Gen’s. I was very impressed with the grip in the rain. That was my main concern considering the tread pattern. When it comes time for new tires I’ll probably go with 215’s by Mirror’s recommendation and stick with the Nitto’s.

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Edit: I almost forgot, they’re cheap too. See?

not sure what specific rims yet, just 17x7s. What offset would be ideal for the zx2?

If you can get 40mm.

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The closest i got to 40mm was either a 38mm offset or a 42mm offset. which is more perferable?

Either is okay. 40mm is ideal, but 38/42 are okay as well.

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I’m running with 42mm offset and haven’t had any problems.

You want the gap , you dont want the tire to fold under heavy handling , you crack me up mirror… :roll: …215 wont rub but will fold and make the car handle worse , but it will get a softer ride. If your car isnt lowered you wont even notice the difference between sizes~(it will feel the same).

One would think with as small the sidewall is, your tire would be stiff enough not to fold under load.

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