Tire Choices, time for a change

Hey all,
time to replace all 4 tires & use a good one for a spare.

The car (99 ZX2) came with well worn Dayton HR’s ( who I hear you ask?) 205/55/R15s and have been ok.
The car had been sitting for some time and the side walls were cracking as the corners of the treads but hung on pretty well and wore reasonably slow though the fronts did scrub out a but fast … then again I am not easy on the car that much.
They have held out longer than a year so thats not bad …anyway.

Just wondering what you all think work well with the car as far as brand, type & sizes.
Any suggestions?


I am guessing that the speedo gear had not been changed though it may have been, might be best to do a speedo check anyway.
If not I guess thats why I have not been given speeding tickets. LOL.

The 205 is nice to have a slightly wider tire for a bit more grip and the 55 was nice for a better ride and handle though is a little firmer on the road.
I like it.

I need a tire that suits Florida, hot one day & rainy the next, so the tire has to be a good all rounder that will hold up well to the elements.

I do mainly short trips ( town ) on a daily basis but do the odd long distance drive ( 2hrs - 13hrs ).

Not really wanting something with too soft a compound though as I am not racing it ( most of the time anyway officer) so I would like the tires to last reasonably well.

I am not really wanting to spend a huge ammount on tires ( who is ) though always looking for a good deal if you guys know of any.

I am seriously thinking about getting away from performance tires and running passenger tires that gor for about $55 a tires VS $80 a tire.
With a 50,000mile warranty I figure why the hell not.
I can still get a tire thats 205/60 or 65 R15 and lets face it , I am not racing it for money or such, its just a daily driver.

Anyway , I look forward to your ever entertaining & informative replies.




Well I ended up going for Fuzion HRi’s 195/60/R15’s.

I did this cause 205/55/15’s are damn hard to find now.
Not the flavor of the month anymore.

The fuzions seem pretty good especially for the Florida weather, rainy & sunny every other day.

They were $55 a tire ( $280 fitted with all the trimmings)… better than the $80 plus cost of the 205/55’s, that would have to be ordered in.

I also had an alignment check done and was out a little so $55 bucks later and all up cost of $360 and I am out the door again with new boots on my Z’s feet.

I will keep you all posted on how they handle but for a short cruise, they were great on the dry road, handled better & a little softer which is nice.
Good grip ( a few small tests :evil: ) and I am happy.

So the money I saved on the more expensive wider yet shorter profile tire, paid for the alignment and some change back to me :slight_smile: .


Glad to hear you found a good tire.

The Fuzion’s have been becoming more popular as of late. Keep us informed on how they worked out.

I am running 205/50R15 Kumho MX’s. I run them year round here in Texas. We don’t really need winter tires. The one day it snows (if it snows at all), I just stay home.