time to get to work...

The weather is finally warming up, so I’m starting to pull stuff out and rework it. I don’t get a lot of time this year as I have three schools to attend over the next 9 months, so I’m just redoing some stuff. This weekend the weather should be nice enough to glass my center console, Zaino, and general clean up.

What’s everyone else’s plan for the spring warm up? (Post pics of progress and completed project) It’s been a long winter guys; let’s see what everyone is working on and share ideas.

well… I’ll be the first to respond then!!

I have planned:

Powder Coated 98 Valve Cover
Powder Coated Sacchi #230 17x7 Rims (In basement, need to get a powdercoat quote)
Some Rubber for the Rims!!
Repaint car (I want a custom job but I can’t afford it yet, also want a lip kit of some sort)
Escort GT Rear Disks
Finish Installing ES bushing kit.
98 Fuel Rail
98 Throttle Body (PNP hopefully)
SS Brake and Clutch Lines

and lots of carshows!

My Progress so far:

Ditto to that. I have a UDP, the S/R drop, EGT rear disk brakes, SS brake lines, and a CF hood. Though the hood is gonna be easy. What is hard finding the time is rebuilding those blasted calipers. Everything is over at my dads.

why rebuild them? I took the rusted ones from the EGT rear end I have and turned them in for a core charge on a new set of calipers. Yes it costs more then the rebuild but I wanted to be sure I didnt screw something up with rebuilding the calipers.

Where did you take em? Honestly, its all about time right now, if I had a new set I’d get all this done in a weekend.

Advance Auto had the EGT calipers. They were like $75 a piece after core.

Hmm don’t think I have an Advance out here. I’ll have to check.

I’m molding my rear bodykit, looking for a front and sides.
Shaving the Ford emblem from the trunk
Shaving the side moldings
After all that, getting it painted. And I have to go somewhere to get it painted because I have nowhere to do it now that I have an apartment.

My interior is in pieces, figuring out where to paint that at. Might just go out on the deck with a box or something…

Need to find an intake
Need to get new exhaust since all mine rusted and fell off…
Need to paint the 98 valve cover I have because it was polished, then went to crap…

All those plans, and my transmission might have gone out, so I might be doing a MTX swap instead of all the rest…

I just got a quote today for a ‘show quality’ paint job on my car… $3g’s to start.

I think im going to just try to get her my 03 back to ‘stock quality’. Just so she is looking good.

well most ppl know my plans but they got put on hold. the money i put aside 4 paint got used up by the dog. Buddy was eating that bad food that was on the market. We rushed hiom to tyhe vet. the meds alone were over $700 but we cought it early he should make a full recovery.

It was money well spent. He’s a part of the family.

Ill call you later tonight Mike. I heard something about the government or the food companys involved are going to be re-imbursing pet expenses for people that have pets afflicted by the tainted food. I just want to verify it first. You would probably just have to have your reciepts and the diagnoses from the vet in a printed form.

** I found a link that talks about several seperate class action lawsuits against the dog food companys. It seems one of the lawyers is located in PA. Here is the link:


Same thing with my dog, but we don’t know if he’s going to fully recover… He’s a lab/corgi mix, and pretty small and the vet thinks he might not fully recover since he’s a smaller dog. But he’s doing a lot better now and I keep hoping that he’ll completely recover. He’s been hit by cars 4 times and made it, I’d hate to lose him over bad food…

Im glad to hear that they your dog is doing better and hope he’ll make a full recovery. This dog food scare is by no-means over. keep an eye out on the news. This is likely to turn into a national class action lawsuit.

back to topic…

Who else has plans or work in progress?