Time for synthetic?

Would it do me any good to change to a synthetic at 94,000 miles?

Uh… Couldn’t hurt. I guess.

Perhaps a partial synthetic. Problem is most synthetics are so good at lubricating because they are thinner. Synthetic used in older engines can leak out hairline cracks. Definitely don’t go to a full synthetic because the engine will leak like a sieve.

ah… now I wouldnt go so far as to “leak like a sleeve” your right tho synthetic oil is thinner on a melecular level, but I transfered to castrol syntec at 140,000 and change and have had absolutly no problems, matter a fact I run synthetic tranny fluid in my mtx too, feels like the car has had a big drag taken off of it. One thing to think about tho, make sure you have a lot of time to do it, with an engine with that many miles on it, if you go to full synthetic cold turkey it will sludge the block, seen it a few times its really nasty the new syn oil breaks all the crap the old oil left on there and clogs the filter and pick up tube. so when you switch flush the block and put in the syn oil run it for a few hundred miles and change it and the filter again, its amazing it will be black in like 300 miles.

I just changed to Full Synthetic yesterday. However, the last few oil changes I was using Semi-Synthetic. I flushed my engine, used Semi-Synthetic for the 3 oil changes. I flushed it again last night and put in Full Synthetic. I hope this will be a lot easier on my engine. But now i was thinking if it would have been just better to use those oils that have additives for higher mileage engines. Is Full Synthetic that much beneficial in our cars?

I can only tell you what ive seen from experience, weve been running castrol syntec in 15w-50 in our track cars for the last 4 years, and every time we rip the motors apart the bearings look like we just put them in there, the engines are never sludged, i mean they all always look brand new, and I noticed a hell of a difference when I started running synthetic in my zx2, just seems like the car runs better, so let your conscience be your guide.

so semi-synthetic for a few times THEN full synthetic?

Yeah…that’s your best bet.