Thrttle Body Help

I want to exchange my trottle body for a performance one. I read on cardomain someone used one off a mustang and put on there escort. Does anyone know which throttle body to put on a 1998 ford escort zx2. I am not sure if they make a performance one or not. I’m trying to get the most out of my motor… I have put on a Under Drive Pulley Kit AEM and a MSD Ignition Coil And MSD Spark Plug Wires. Redone my intake. And I dont know were to go from here. I want to redo the throttle body I guess. Anyone with any advice would be appreciated

When going to another throttle body like a mustang or crown vic. They wont work unless you port the Intake manifold out were it sits at. Reason being since the plate is much larger than ours. You can use them but does take some fabbing. If you want slightly a larger one you can buy one from They make a 58mm vs our 55mm which is bolt on.

have you done an exhaust yet? our throttle body is adequate unless you’ve got a crazy flowing n/a or turbo car

Well I found a Zomk Speed Racing Headers. I just got my JDM Fireball Muffler. I’m getting installed Tomorrow morning.

throttle bodies do little powerwise for the zx2 since they are not the bottleneck in the intake airflow.

having said that… i know a quick and free way you can pick up around a 10% increase in airflow with your stock TB… it involves removing the throttle plate and dremelling off the top half of the throttle shaft. once you cut that part off, get a couple new 4mm screws and some blue loctite (to prevent screws from vibrating loose and falling into intake manifold) and re-install the throttle plate making sure it is centered.