Thought this was a cool site (concept cars)

Pretty cool site…

It has concept cars from the past and concept cars of the future. Pretty cool stuff on there.

I found this to be very interesting… the Porsche Panamera

[url=,9804,0,0/photo.aspx] ... photo.aspx[/url]

they have some great pics of the ZX2nr

I am still to this day hoping to god someone gets serious and makes one of those kits. I will not in a moment hesitate to buy it. I’d slap down a grand on the table to get one easily if they existed, just for a kit not painted.

i agree. i even hope that one day i see the original pop up at Barrett-Jackson or something like it. i just hope i’ll have a good income by that point, it would definately be one of a kind.

Yup I like that site lots of info.