Thought of the day

Please keep it positive. Far too much negativity out there. I figured I’d start a thread that everyone can wrap a positive thought for the day on for it. Post your POSITIVE thought/outlook for the day. Keep the good vibe going. We’re all about that here.

I’ll start:

I’m thankful for good friends, a good car and a good hobby. The diversity of the auto world makes me appreciate how genuine and interesting people’s backgrounds are. Without it, it would be a boring hobby and lifestyle. And I’m happy to have met so many interesting people out there. If I had not, my outlook would be SO MUCH different than it is. Here’s my thought of the day towards “Genuine friends” and “Genuine hobbyists” who see the good in what people wish to accomplish, and wish to achieve, and set forth the will power to MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Without a question the answer is pointless. Without the answer the question is pointless. And if we all knew it all there would be no questions. We all must start somewhere, don’t we? Here’s to new people interested in joining the automotive world. And this is why I always encourage new people to pipe up and join in the discussion :slight_smile:

Remember. Positive.

Very well done Derek.

My Thought of the day:

Always keep true to yourself. Never let anybody ever change you. Be the best you can be since that’s all you can ask from yourself.

The worst thing to happen Today can be Tomorrows best thing that happened Yesterday

Holy cow confusing

Haha but cool, I like it!

The difference between performing a task, and attempting a task is that of the mind and the conscious choice to try and fail, or try and succeed.

LOL - too much Zen in me.

Let me put it another way:

Have you ever looked back on an event that when it happened was very painful? Then after time passes, you look at it and realize that if it weren’t for that event, you wouldn’t have taken the path you did through life, and be in the great place, position, relationship…?

Life is perspective, and time has a way of changing it - lemons to Lemonade, if you will.

I think that all the time…what if I didn’t go that way…kind of like that matrix red pill vs blue pill.

Greeeeeeaaaat! What the hell do I do with this here green pill? LOL