This is why you learn to ride FIRST

This is why:

  1. You don’t go fast in residential areas
  2. You learn to ride before you go fast (preferably NOT on the street)
  3. You should probably learn to turn (counter-steer) before you take the bike out for a spin.
  4. You should realize that curbs are not part of the road and bikes don’t like to go over them.
  5. You should also learn to brake and counter-steer properly so that you don’t send yourself INTO a curb.
  6. Idiots shouldn’t be allowed to ride bikes they can’t ride.

low whistle

Why does my healed road rash hurt??? Memories!!

I wasnt as quick to get up in my first bike accident though.

Seriously that turn was SOOO long he should have been able to easily have taken that at 100 which I think he reached at one point. Good thing he only hit the curb at like 40, It could have been worse.


  • Daron