The ZX2 hasn't been the same since....


:) Brand new, never had a single mile on it :) How cool is that? Never had a drip or a drop of gas in the tank when they took her out of the crate. By her I mean the ninja... because... all bikes are hers but it can't replace the girlfriend (she's sitting next to me going "OH its a HER HUH? You ride HER all day huh?") haha!

Anyway, breakin process is 500 miles under 4000 RPMS and it is SO HARD to keep it there without wanting to just nail it once… BUT I like my cars and bikes to stay alive (as well as me) for a long long time so I’m breaking every part of it in just as it says… 0-500 miles - Under 4000, 500-1000 under 6000, another 100 after that and it’s golden.

However the valves need to be checked at 500 miles to make sure they don’t need adjusted, if they do, no biggie.

Gotta say, the ZX2 hasn’t felt the same since I got the bike :slight_smile: Nothing feels to same as a bike. (for those that have never ridden one, you have to ride one to know how it feels, honestly.) I felt like a childhood hero today, saw myself on the road. Was going through some backstreet neighborhood in full leathers and everything and this kid was driving a little remote control car in the road and saw me coming so he ran to the sidewalk and drove his little car up there too. Soon as I hit the stopsign he had ran up to the stopsign to see the bike, so I stopped and turned my head, gave him a little salute/wave and revved the bike to the 4k I could a few times. I thought the little kid was going to freak, reminds me of how I was whenever I saw a bike when I was just a kid. I’d freak out every time I saw one. Knew I wanted a Ninja since I was just a little kid :slight_smile: One of those childhood dreams, know what I mean? Coming true.

And then on a side note, this really fat girl in a beatup prelude met me at a double stopsign trying to hit on me, all I could do was shake my head in disgust as she attempted to sing along to britney spears “Toxic” with the rest of her oddball looking friends waying down the car. That was one stop that was really… ummmm… awkward. Maybe I should wear my future wedding ring on the outside of my gloves in the future? Or maybe just a really bright marker (silver preferably, gold is meh) and mark the outside of the glove. Prelude… scary girl… shudder


Got the black with green lining/trim. Here’s the leathers i bought

Anyway… on the subject of the girl in the prelude

hhahaha ok just kidding… but she looks something like that.

Nice bike, I rode me friends honda f4i and thats the bike I’ve always wanted. Most comfortable thing I’ve ever rode, just seems to fit me good not too many people like em but I sure as hell do. Congrats on gettin the one you wanted, take care of her.

nice bike bro!

check out mine:

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Kan-a-tuna 600, I feel so free on the bike. Had some girl in a tow truck hit on me yesterday, she was cute! Mad girls have done that since I got the bike. I love the attention! Mad people(kids and adults) next to road wanting me to rev or do a wheelie… I dont know how to do wheelies yet though so… lol!

I love it!

I feel bad though, cause i have kinda been neglecting the Z.


Yes the attention ona sprt bike is great! I love it :slight_smile: totally awesome feeling.

Damnit. You are making me want a bike.

The problem is, I CAN afford it. LOL.

Actually they are really affordable especially the little ninja. My payments are $50.00 a month for the payments, $50 for the insurance, $100 a month compared to my car payment isn’t really anything. Not bad at all :slight_smile: If you get one just be careful. Even the little 250 scared me lasta night, was at a stop sign and simply went from 1st to second but because of the gearing (gears go 1st N 2nd - 3rd - 4th - 5th - 6th) because of the neutral it does inbetween 1st and 2nd it got a little rev in between and almost ended up pulling a wheelie out in front of a car, granted it felt like more of a clutch dump than just a small rev… from now on i actually clutch from 1st to 2nd, it’s smoother that way instead of jerky. lol. I’m going riding with a friend today, he has a dodge shadow, I’ll get some pics for everyone before we head out or while we are riding :slight_smile: