The Z's still got it

So tonight i’m on my way home. We have this big bridge with an offramp that takes people to the highway.

On my right up in the distance is an SUV, coming off the offramp is some lowered car hauling butt around the corner (doing like 50 around a 25 or 30mph offramp) scares the crap out of the suv and the suv dodges in the lane.

I thought “WOW. What an asshole.”

So the SUV holds his ground and the little ricer guy passes him on the right, then cuts off the SUV. The SUV said “Screw that” and goes back into the slow lane.

The ricer slows down from his speed and barely is going faster than the SUV.

I am doing about 65mph and coming up on both of them slowly. As I approach this fugly little ricer I notice he speeds up ever so slightly, I’m literally inching up to him. He speeds up a bit more, so i do too… i end up doing about 70mph and finally pass him. To my right i notice his headlights in my right mirror, obviously had some aftermarket ricer blue whatever. They start getting closer after i just passed him. A car is coming up on the right and he wants to do a ricerflyby which would end up cutting me off because there isn’t much room. I thought “Fuck that.” and put my foot down a little and sped up. He couldn’t get up in front fast enough and went behind me. I’m doing about 75 now and we’re both even. The car is past me now and he goes back on my right to try and pass me again, i put my foot down and get up to about 80 and maintain it, he is coming off of about 65mph and another car is coming up on the right, once again, he couldn’t pass me and the car came up too quick. That car was gone and he got back on the right, AGAIN to try and pass me. I let him get up to my door, downshifted and floored it and walked away from him, hearing his fart can exhaust next to me and get farther away and ended up walking away from him with no problem up to 100mph in which case he finally backed off after 2 or 3 times of trying to pass me and NOT being able to.

Priceless. Crappy hubcap thing, funky lights, some nasty brown paint and looked like a very early 90s chevy something coupe of some sort, real nasty looking little ricer and sounded like poo (seriously, i think his car had bowel problems). That’s the first time in over a year i’ve put my foot down to someone on the street and couldn’t help but laugh at this kid as he tried to act all big so I just put it down and let him put his tail between his legs.

Nice kill, love it when we stick it to the jerks on the road. :smiley:

:-D Pow right in tha kisser, Pow right in tha kisser, Pow right in tha kisser. Nice win.

So what kind of car was it?

(seriously, i think his car had bowel problems).


That is funny. I love doing it in my mustang now lol. gets em every time! :mrgreen: