The Wing

A few members on here know that i have it. Heres that rare Nebraska ZX2wing. THe original design alowes it to sit higher up on the trunk deck> Although its nice it isn’t my perfect spot so the modding i will go.
Heres a pic of the Wing and new placement of it Just before i start to Glass it.

I like it:) Looks good roush. I can’t wait to see it painted.


looks good mang…if anybody is interestead im selling the same wing…

Looks good Mike!!!

cant wait to see it in-person!

droptoberfest or sooner mark? your always welcome at my house.

Oooh, nice!

that reminds me! I gotta put in for droptober… Oct 21st right???

Kinda odd looking on the back of a Z…Different definatly.

Still undecided on wether or not I like it…maybe cause it’s not painted yet…I think it could grow on me though…

i think so i’ll have to double check

zx2loon nice to see you and welcome to zx2ms

that is pretty sweet