The... well.... crap, I can't think of a title.

A 2.4 litere only making 137 hp :lol: :lol: :lol:, that thing is ugly. What’s that accordion looking thing on the back. :lol:

Polka anybody?

Hidious! I thought the Pontiac Aztek was the uglies modern car, but not any more.

Could you imagine what it would cost to replace a fender if it ever cracked?

SWTF :? That car looks horrible. When I look at the car from the front it actually doesnt seem that bad, then I realize that I could just buy a Solstice. Th rear end just looks like someone threw lard on the back of a Tiburon and painted it. It just makes the car look fat. If that makes sense.

Melinda thinks the back looks like a dragon. Appropriate due to the honor a dragon symbolizes in Chinese culture, but not appropriate for a car. :stuck_out_tongue: