The silver bullet vs. old red Miata

       Well i was headed home after eating a big Chinese Buffet (which was lovely) and i stoped at a stop light when i peered over and saw this old red Miata with the top down and some 42 year old wearing a no shirt and he looked over at me and nodded his head at me and starts reving and rolling back and forth..

      So im thinking what a lossser <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> and so the light turns green and this guy turns out to be a really slow ass and his car sounded like it was gona die so i beat him like 6 car leanths before i decide to slow down.

      So he speeds up to get next to me and i look over and nood my head over at him and he just shakes  his head and turns off to the next road <!-- s:-D -->:-D<!-- s:-D -->

Niceā€¦I love retards.

  • Darron

I would have waited until he acknowledge you after that.