The sidekick saw it's last days

It’s finally come time to order new phones.

My sidekick 2 is very old, i’ve had it since before I quit at t-mobile and that was years ago. It lived a good life, checking email, instant messaging, never working with it’s camera function, battery dying all the time and sucking battery life before the charger was done charging it.

It had great features, but was shortlived in it’s battery life.

I gave it to my wife, whom used it far more than i did, and in return I swapped for her Nokia 6600 which had bluetooth which i wanted and she did not use.

Over the course of 2 years time the nokia has been ran over by my car, kicked, thrown, smashed, dropped, left out in the snow overnight at freezing temperatures, left out in the hot sun on my dash in cooking heat and has even been dropped out of my moving car by accident.

Over those entire accidents the phone came out with some very serious scrapes, scorches and hell, even a crack down the faceplate from the car. But it has continued to function to no end.

The sidekick went through similar acts in my possession, i’m hard on phones, but when my wife got it then it saw nothing but punishment over and over.

Finally the other day my wife calls me and says:

“Hi honey.”
“Hey whats up.”
“Hey umm, you’re going to be mad. But before you get mad, please be rational and realize it was just a mistake and that I’m sorry and that I’ll make sure to fix it all myself okay?”
Well, good thing is that she wasn’t driving the car today so I expected it to be something phone related and she is actually very careful with the car anyway, but the phone? Yeah, the phone is punished all the time.

I said:
“Oh man… what now?”
“Well, I dropped the sidekick in the toilet.”
I honestly wasn’t sure if i should laugh or cry or get upset. I said “Does it still work?” and she said “No.”

Obviously after drying it out, ripping it apart and putting it back together the thing just was purely dead. she made the mistake of trying to turn it on multiple times while it was wet, had she let it dry out it may have survived.

This morning at 3 am we heard weird noises coming from downstairs. The cat ran downstairs and it woke me up, so i went to go check it out.

What I saw was the sidekick vibrating, beeping, making weird noises and flashing. Even the flash for the camera flipped out flashing constantly, not even a full flash, just a crappy dim strobe. The cat was batting at it like it was possessed. The poor phone was freaking out and the screen was even lit up. In fact, the phone even showed that it had half bars of signal and was started up and had the screensaver on it, but the thing was so dysfunctional that there was no getting it back to regular condition. It had most definitely seen it’s last day.

We called customer care last night and got new phones on the way.

This morning before i left work i took a video of it with my digital camera of what it was doing, maybe i’ll post it later.

Lesson to all of you - Don’t take the phone to the bathroom with you.

Random insanity! I love it! What’s on the way?

  • Darron

2 nokia 6103 phones as we don’t really use them much more for tons of messaging, picture messaging and calling. They looked like simple yet sturdy phones.

wtf is up with phones mang!?!?!

Mine decided to take a crap on me too…

Im heading to get it replaced shortly.

That is gonna be an awsome vid.

phones, much like cats, don’t care much for water…that video has to be crazy…

the video isn’t long but it’s entertaining to see the sidekick go “bzzz… bzzz bzzzz” with the flash constantly flashing.

I just can’t believe it’s been doing it since 3 am.