The "Other Woman"

So here’s some pics of who I cheat on my ZX2 with… my AV6.

Before “Blow Job”

After “Blow Job”

Stupid restrictive stock intake

Her “measurements”

I’m happy with it, since it’s only 5 PSI of boost and I have a completely stock exhaust system. Another thing I’m happy about is that the numbers I got were higher than I expected, since Comptech’s dyno is infamous for giving lower outputs. My stock reading with power robbing 91 (6th Gen AV6 didn’t come with knock sensor to advance timing when given higher octane, proven losses were in Car and Driver) Octane was 170 HP, so I’m hoping my suspicion that I may have gotten a factory freak is true, since most stockers get 160 HP at the wheels.

nice accord i always liked that body

Very nice!

That accord body is nice. I kinda like the new style too. I’m just more confident in saying it now that roush said it first! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks fellas. Yeah, it’s a really nice looking car to me as well. What I really like are the NSX-ish lights on the big sexy butt.

Okay, got my exhaust system put in. It’s stupid loud, I don’t like it… but the high end is definately better according to the “butt dyno” now that there’s some sort of exhaust relief for the blower.

Here go some pictures and videos. Sorry for the lighting, but it’s night time and well… I purposely made the lights on behind me so you all wouldn’t see my fat ugly mug.

Video 1 (Short)
Video 2 (Short)
Video 3 (Long-ish)

The videos don’t make it sound so loud, but trust me… it’s stupid loud. It was making my interior vibrate and if you noticed, I raised my voice while driving because I thought it would be neccessary. I’m going to try to do a video with the camera pointing toward the rear so that it might pick up the loudness better.

I think I’m going to see if I can go to a shop and have them put a removable insulation board/blanket/whatever in my trunk (that weighs less than what the spare tire weighs, so I still have some sort of weight reduction from taking it out. That way I can have it bearable during normal day to day driving, and take it out for when I need every little bit of weight reduction I can get for the track.

More pictures. I’m so close to getting this thing done, then I can start working up my ZX2 for massive fun times!

My Engine Bay after installing the headers and w/ “Plastic Surgery” (You can see my Jet-Hot Coated Headers a little.)

Front View

Side View (Changed my mufflers, the Aero Turbines were just too loud!)

New Dyno Chart (After installing Headers and adding +1 PSI)

New Dyno Graph

I’m quite happy, as this puts me at .6 over 300 HP at the crank (after adjusting for the fucking 20% loss from my drive train), which was my goal when I first got her way back in 2000. Just need to add water injection for a tad bit more power and cooling protection! Supposedly she’s putting out as much HP as other people with my car with a higher boost pulley (CL Type S High Boost Pulley), so it goes to show that loving care (and maybe factory freak genetics) go a long way.

The final element that makes a good car: a good tuner and a good driver. Nice work man!

Do you have a sound bite of the S/C from either inside or outside of the car? You say loud, I’m just wondering how loud.

I meant the Aero Turbine exhausts were too loud: … haust2.flv

The clicking sound is the camera’s wrist band thing hitting the camera everytime my renter moved a bit.

Here’s a video of inside the car, you can hear the blower after you get past me talking too much: … reeway.flv

I’m glad it doesn’t sound like a tin can.

The one of you on the freeway sounds like the car is bearly trying. Almost sounds like you are bearly off idle. How many RPMs are you running at when cruise is on at 65mph? I’m guessing somewhere around 2k maybe less.

Have you noticed any difference in MPG while on the freeway? I’m guessing it should be up a little, right?