So in talking to Chris (zx2ms) today I discovered that he is interested in getting involved in playing some paintball. Being a Paintball enthusiast myself I thought it would be a good idea to start a thread of everyones paintball experiences. So if you have one post one up here, you can post pictures or stories or whatever else you have thats paintball related!

With that being said heres my equipment:

99 Smart Parts Impulse w/ RAT gut internals
Pure Energy 68/3000 compressed air tank
Halo B sound activated hopper.
JT Proteus Mask w/ Fan
32 Degrees jersey
PB Junkies sockhat

and here are pictures:

PaintBall FTW :mrgreen:

when did we become zx2sm?

Ever since we started tying each other up with chains and leather…

I edited it!

Not a big Paintballer anymore… I prefure Airsoft. The weapons look real, there more acurate, and all around I like it a hole lot better.

:-o I'm not even gonna comment.

I got an airsoft Jericho 941 (I’d like to own a real one someday). It is fun, but I think I’d enjoy a good paintball as well.